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Kolyn Marshall has spent over 18 years as a expert in the field of radiant heating technology. In those 18 years he has written numerous articles educating others. Here are a few of the articles that can be found by Kolyn Marshall, written for various publications.

Warming Up To Snowmelt Technology

By Kolyn Marshallpublished in ES Magazine

From sidewalks to hospital entrances and helipads, these systems are becoming a more common part of a project’s mechanical infrastructure. Examine differences between ASHRAE’s old and updated classifications, then review design considerations such as heat of evaporation, heat loss to the atmosphere, and back and edge losses. Tubing, spacing strategies, and controls round out the primer.

Radiant Warming Systems and Flooring: The Perfect Combination

By Kolyn Marshall published in Tile Magazine

Yep, this summer is the summer. The home is getting dragged into the twenty-first century whether it likes it or not. Say good-bye to the classic avocado green stove and matching refrigerator and say hello to high efficiency windows, ergonomic appliances, and energy efficient lighting. All of these are easy targets when looking at renovations because they are out in the open and are items we see every time we walk into the room. But, what about the floor? How about bringing the floor into the twenty-first century? Is that even possible?

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