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Book Reviews

A solid book review is key to selling what’s inside to prospective readers. It’s easy for us, the author, to speak highly of our work. We wrote it, of course we like it. The characters are always strong, the tension high, and the villain makes you cheer for the hero. To us it’s all good, but we are by far unbiased. What is hidden inside those pages may in fact be the best novel since Harry Potter but who will believe us….the writer?

This is where good, solid, third-party reviews come into play. Reviews give our books credibility. The more reviews you have from different sources the better those looking at the dust cover will begin to feel comfortable with what is inside.

Although reviews are an important marketing tool and one which should never be omitted, there is one other equally important aspect of a good book review. Growth. As authors we thrive on growing, on making the next novel, the next screenplay, the next short story better than the last, but how can we if we don’t know what was good…and bad….about what has come before? A good review will help us see where our strengths are and where we need to devote more time and attention. We may have strong characters but a thin plot. We may have great rules but then in chapter 42 we break them. In some cases we may introduce a character in chapter 2 that never…ever…shows up again. Why were they there?

A strong review helps us grow and A Well Placed Ink can help.  Please email Kolyn at to discuss your next project.

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