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Detective Sara Mackenzie James, Mac to her friends, was in control of her life. She called the shots, and she made the rules. Or so she thought. She believed this until she read the Tribune headlines and felt her whole life begin to fall apart. For fifteen years Sara had chased a serial killer that had eluded capture. Now, the headlines trumpeted his return as a series of new murders began to transpire along the I-70 Corridor. But, are the headlines right?

As Sara digs deeper into the case she soon discovers there is more to what is going on than what the headlines indicate. In the process of looking for the truth Sara discovers Jake Maxwell, an unwilling traveler from a time long forgotten. Does Jake hold the key to all Sara has been searching for?

Fate has brought them together, but will they figure out why in time? Together they realize their goals may not be as different as they had first believed. In searching for answers they may find themselves face-to-face with the truth: a truth that will change them both forever.

Understanding Radiant Systems


Radiant Systems for Designers, Installers, and Field Technicians

An engineering resource and design manual that serves as a comprehensive reference for the design, installation, and maintenance of radiant systems, this book draws on the author’s more than 18 years of hands-on design, troubleshooting, and field experience to deliver an in-depth look into the world of radiant heating. The text covers the history and function of radiant systems and controls from their use in ancient Roman baths to such modern applications as floor warming, floor heating, and snow melting. Study topics include system design, control strategies, water quality, and troubleshooting. Learn how common construction changes can impact the operation of a radiant system while discovering the simple “tweaks” that installers can use to optimize performance.

This book gives business owners, sales staff, installers, and technicians an inside look at radiant applications—both hydronic and electric—while imparting the knowledge necessary to maintain consumer confidence and appreciation. Find out why radiant systems are rapidly becoming the comfort choice of today.

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